Boulder Valley (CO) School District is trying to educate kids about vaping, rather than suspending them the first time they get caught vaping on campus. The Denver Post showcases how this approach could become a national model. Kudos to Boulder Valley School District and Boulder County Public Health for taking a prevention and educational approach to addressing this critical health issue.

Alternatives to suspension that keep students in school and include individualized support, education, and progressive disciplinary strategies can decrease incidents of problem student behaviors and support positive learning outcomes. RMC Health can work with you to create disciplinary practices that meet the needs of your school community. As mentioned in the article, RMC Health also offers an alternative to suspension education program for youth who have violated a tobacco policy at school or in the community. The Second Chance program is a web-based, interactive, and self-directed program designed to increase student awareness about the skills and strategies to resist risky behaviors that impact their health.