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RMC Health blends deep content knowledge with expert facilitation to create a unique learning experience that will prepare you to create and sustain healthy schools.

RMC Health offers professional learning opportunities to staff in schools, districts, and organizations who are champions for healthy young people. Our training topics are driven by state and national priorities for healthy schools and communities, and represent practice areas in which RMC Health has developed exceptionally deep content expertise.

Our trainings are led by expert facilitators who specialize in adult learning AND in their focus areas. Each session is rich with knowledge, tools, and resources that are proven to be successful in school settings. We know how to design and deliver trainings that are productive from the very first minute, giving participants ample opportunities to learn and apply new ideas and techniques. Most importantly, RMC Health trainings are creative and engaging — leaving participants refreshed and inspired to bring new information and strategies back to their schools, districts, and organizations. You can learn more about our training expertise in our core areas by exploring the tabs below.

How and when we offer these professional learning opportunities is up to you! Rather than setting a calendar of trainings, we work with individuals, teams, and entire organizations to customize professional learning to your needs and your schedule.

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Client Reviews

  • Participant response to our Introduction to Skills-Based Health Education Training: "I have been reminded of the value of skills and their applications vs content, content, content. The practice or modeling of the skills has provided a consistent message to my students."

Skills-based health education is a crucial element in the development of healthy young people. We know from research that learning health content alone will not give students the tools they need in order to maintain positive health behaviors, change unhealthy behaviors, and delay the onset of risky behaviors. Our skills-based health education trainings and products prepare educators to teach and assess skills-based health education with functional knowledge that will equip students to lead healthy and thriving lives.

  • Trainings

    RMC Health provides training and resources for K–12 teachers, schools, and districts to implement skills-based health education. The trainings focus on research-based strategies that encourage students to maintain healthy behaviors, change unhealthy behaviors, and delay the onset of risky behaviors. Based on both State and National Health Standards, RMC Health prepares educators to plan, implement, and assess skills-based health education, providing students the opportunity to practice and master necessary skills. All trainings equip educators with the tools and strategies they need to create safe, inclusive, and effective health education classes by providing participants with hands-on activities, authentic practice of teaching strategies, and current research on health education.

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  • Classroom Materials

    RMC Health’s collection of instructional classroom resources were created to support the implementation of Skills-Based Health education. This collection of instructional resources can be used as a supplement to any health education curriculum, providing educators and students with comprehensive, skills-based tools to support student mastery of skills aligned to the National Health Education Standards.

    Broken down by grade level (PreK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12), our materials offer inclusive, age-appropriate classroom products for a variety of learning styles. These teacher-and-student-friendly materials provide a framework for students to learn content and master the skills. Within our materials you will
    find Skill Overviews, Teaching Progression Steps, a breakdown of the Sub-Skills, Suggested Learning Activities, Valuable Vocabulary, and Language of Health Literacy for each of the Health Skills.

    While not a curriculum, these supplementary materials provide educators at every grade level the critical tools, resources, and information needed to teach skills-based health education with functional knowledge that will equip students to lead healthy and thriving lives.

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There are more than 73 million students enrolled in school systems across the country, and in many communities, the school district is the largest employer. Yet often the systems and infrastructure needed to support a resilient, healthy school community gets overlooked. RMC Health supports districts with the practical implementation of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model through a holistic approach to health and wellness for students, families, and district and school staff members so the entire school community can thrive.

  • Technical Assistance

    Infusing health and wellness into schools and districts requires the efforts of everyone – students, parents, staff, teachers, administrators, board members, and the community. A thoughtful process can ensure that all individuals are able to contribute their unique talents and passions to accomplish the shared goal of health and wellness for students. RMC Health can guide you through the process of creating the infrastructure to launch and sustain school health efforts:

    • Set the vision and mission for school and district health teams
    • Create school and district health teams
    • Recruiting and retaining champions
    • Engage families and community partners
    • Foster high performing health teams to maximize success
    • Publicize success to maintain support
    • Action plan for sustainable health and wellness efforts
    • Use data to drive priorities

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  • Trainings

    RMC Health can provide the training you need to accelerate health and wellness in your school and district. Whether your health and wellness teams are just getting started or you need support to showcase all the efforts taken over the past few years, RMC Health has a variety of customizable training opportunities to guide you through launching or sustaining this critical work. Let us help you create the systems and teams you need to succeed.

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Utilizing both prevention and intervention efforts, as well as policy frameworks, RMC Health can support districts, schools, and communities to address youth substance use. Click here to learn more about the trainings and resources we offer to promote substance-free school environments.

  • Policy

    Clear and consistent policies are a key component of tobacco and marijuana prevention in schools. RMC Health partners with public health agencies and school districts to guide them through the process to review, revise, and strengthen school protocols and district policies that promote substance-free schools and address substance use on campuses. Additionally, we can support communication and enforcement of policies in school districts. Click here to learn more or and contact us today to begin working with RMC Health.

  • Prevention

    Prevention efforts start with understanding school and community data around risk behaviors, as well as those factors that set young people at higher risk for engaging in risk behaviors or serve as protective forces for preventing these risk behaviors (risk and protective factors). RMC Health can help you through every step of the process:

      • Identify data sources and analyze the data
      • Prioritize risk behaviors to address based on the data
      • Select evidence-based or promising practices or programs to mitigate risk factors and strengthen protective factors
      • Create implementation and sustainability plans

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  • Intervention

    Implementing evidence-based programs that address the specific risk and protective factors in your school community are essential for effective substance use prevention and intervention. RMC Health can provide support to implement a selected program consistently throughout your school or district and help you overcome barriers and obstacles that often arise in the implementation process.

    Additionally, RMC Health offers an online alternative to suspension education program for youth who have violated a tobacco policy at school or in the community. The Second Chance program is a web-based, interactive, and self-directed program designed to increase student awareness about the skills and strategies to resist risky behaviors that impact their health. In addition to traditional tobacco products, the program addresses e-cigarettes and vaping, as well as marijuana.

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  • Second Chance

    In addition to our other intervention services, RMC Health is excited to offer Second Chance, a web-based, interactive and self-directed educational program designed to be used as part of an alternative-to-suspension plan for youth who violate tobacco policy in their school or communities. Schools, youth-serving organizations, and juvenile justice systems can utilize Second Chance as part of a comprehensive, non-punitive strategy for preventing tobacco and nicotine product use. The online program is interactive, using video, digital manipulatives, self-reflection, and quizzes to engage young people in understanding and evaluating their relationship with tobacco and nicotine products. Incorporating Second Chance in schools leads to lower rates of recidivism of tobacco infractions. To learn more about the program, view the flyer and FAQ document below. If you’d like to use Second Chance in your school or district, please click here to request a contract.

    Second Chance Flyer
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