Second Chance

The Second Chance program is an educational tool designed to address the health risks that tobacco and e-cigarettes pose to youth. Second Chance is free for all Colorado schools and organizations.

Second Chance is a web-based, interactive, and self-directed alternative to suspension education program for youth who have violated a tobacco policy at school or tobacco law in the community. The program may also be helpful for youth who may be experimenting with tobacco or other nicotine products, but have not violated policy or law.

Second Chance is free for all Colorado schools and organizations. See a demonstration of the website and get information on how to get started here. Schools and organizations outside of Colorado can purchase a subscription to Second Chance by contacting us at

Tobacco and nicotine use by youth is a significant health issue in Colorado. 2017 Healthy Kids Colorado Data indicate that 33% of Colorado youth regularly use a tobacco product – cigarettes, chew, e-cigarettes, hookah, and cigars. E-cigarettes are the second most tried substance among Colorado youth. According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado’s high school and middle school students are using e-cigarettes, or vaping nicotine products, at twice the national average.

Who Benefits from Second Chance?

Schools, youth-serving organizations, and juvenile justice systems can use the program as a part of a comprehensive education and prevention strategy for tobacco and other nicotine product use. Second Chance provides structure to disciplinary responses such as in-school suspension without adding additional burden to busy staff. Second Chance Program Administrators have the ability to:

  • Receive individualized support with setting up and using the program to consistently and effectively enforce expectations while supporting students who may be addicted to nicotine
  • Enroll students in the Second Chance program
  • Assign student usernames and passwords
  • Track student progress in the program
  • Analyze aggregate student demographics
  • Review aggregate pre- and post-survey results

Second Chance Content

Program content was recently updated to specifically address vaping, e-cigarettes, and marijuana. Information in the program is presented in three major sections: Community, School, and Home. The following information is included in each section:

  • Community: tobacco and other nicotine products; myths & facts; big tobacco tactics; tobacco laws and policies
  • School: laws & schools; teen opinions & norms; hooked on nicotine; influences
  • Home: costs of smoking, vaping, and chewing; communication and refusal skills; prevention and cessation strategies

Students must complete a pre- and post-survey, as well as a brief quiz after each of the three sections in order to complete the program. The length of time needed to complete the program will vary with each student and may range from 2 to 2.5 hours. Students may complete the program over multiple visits and do not have to complete the program in one sitting.

Second Chance Website Resources

  • Second Chance Student Program Website
  • Second Chance Administrator Program Website
  • Second Chance Demonstration Website
    A brief overview and instructions on how to get started

Second Chance Resources

  • Second Chance Flier
    Includes information on the program rationale, specifications, goals, and objectives
  • Second Chance Frequently Asked Questions
  • Getting Started with Second Chance
    A step-by-step guide for program administrators to enroll.
  • Getting Ready to use Second Chance
    A step-by-step guide for program administrators to implement the program.
  • Second Chance School Agreement - Enrollment Agreement
  • Second Chance Organization Agreement - Enrollment Agreement
  • Second Chance Student Information - Student Enrollment Form
  • Second Chance Parent/Guardian Notification Form - English
  • Second Chance Parent/Guardian Notification Form - Spanish
  • Second Chance Program 2022-2023 Evaluation Report
  • Second Chance Administrator Files

Second Chance was developed with funding from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s State Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership (STEPP). Amendment 35 voter-approved tobacco tax funds were used to finance program development. Collaborators and funders are noted on the individual web pages and/or documents.

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