Barbara Vassis Board Vice Chair

Retired, Fiscal Coordinator and Lead Consultant, Colorado Department of Education (CDE)

Barbara spent much of her career as the Fiscal Coordinator and Lead Consultant for Title I and Title II Programs (reauthorized under the Every Student Succeeds Act) at the Colorado Department of Education’s Federal Programs Unit. Her experience includes 10 years serving Colorado schools and districts in the capacity of Grants Accountant and Fiscal Consultant. Her guidance and expertise in demystifying the grants and fiscal management processes earned her respect and fostered genuine partnerships with the field. Most recently, her role as a Program Consultant and Project Evaluator supported the design and implementation of effective instructional, professional development, leadership, and resource allocation practices to support historically-underserved populations. Prior to her work supporting Colorado schools and districts, Barbara was an Editorial and Typesetting Coordinator for a scholarly publishing house in Boulder, Colorado.

Barbara is active in the Supporting Action for Mental Health (SAM) effort in Longmont, a movement of local stakeholders and local government tasked to explore how engaged community members can raise awareness of and create partnerships to address mental health needs in Longmont. Barbara attended Youngstown State University where she received a degree in Business Management and Accounting, and is also a graduate with Distinction from Colorado State University. She enjoys reading, gardening, the Colorado outdoors, as well as culinary and artistic pursuits.

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